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KASTOmicut AE 4.6

Saw type:Bandsaw
Cutting option: Straight and mitre cut
Materials: Structural steels, Stainless steel, Tool steel
Material width: 460 mm / 18.11 inch
Material height: 335 mm / 13.19 inch

Fully hydraulic automatic band sawing machine of solid construction, designed for the consistent solution of any cutting-to-length or mitre cutting tasks in the case of beams, tubes and profiles. Coolant device for sawing solid materials in straight cuts with emulsion cooling in workshops. In addition to straight cuts, mitres can be cut very flexibly and quickly by adjusting the saw head very easily to the right by 60°. The mitre angle is adjusted via an easy to read angular scale. Straight and mitre cuts up to +45° to the right are carried out in automatic operation, cuts up to +60° to the right are carried out in semi-automatic operation. The infinitely adjustable cutting speed and the fully hydraulic, infinitely adjustable cutting feed allow a sensitive and blade-saving cutting.

The standard AdvancedControl offers the optimum operation of the machine. Easy and clearly arranged job entry via job wizard. After making the desired number of cuts, the machine shuts off automatically. By reducing set-up times to a minimum, maximum cutting performances are achieved in automatic mode. The precise drive via ball bearing spindle in material feed guarantees an accurate material length positioning.

Due to these standard equipments, economic working processes are achieved when cutting individual pieces, smaller and average lot sizes and large series.

  • Hydraulically controlled saw feed
  • Work-friendly material support height
  • Hydraulic material clamping
  • Infinitely adjustable cutting speed
  • Mitre angle on both sides from +60° to -45°
  • Straight and mitre cuts up to +45° to the right are carried out in automatic operation
  • Straight and mitre cuts up to +60° to the right are carried out semi-automatic operation

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Technical Data

Cutting range 90° round (Solid/Tube) 160 mm / 335 6.3 / 335 in
Cutting range 90° flat (W x H) (Tube) 460 x 335 mm 18.11 x 13.19 in
Cutting range 90° square (Solid/Tube) 160 x 160 / 335 x 335 mm 6.3 x 6.3 / 13.19 x 13.19 in
Cutting range +45° round (Tube) 320 mm 12.6 in
Cutting range +45° flat (W x H) (Tube) 280 x 335 mm 11.02 x 13.19 in
Cutting range +45° square (Tube) 300 x 300 mm 11.81 x 11.81 in
Cutting range +60° round (Tube) 210 mm 8.27 x 0 in
Cutting range +60° flat (W x H) (Tube) 180 x 335 mm 7.09 x 13.19 in
Cutting range +60° square (Tube) 200 x 200 mm 7.87 x 7.87 in
Material feed length, individual cut 700 mm 27.56 in
Material feed length, multiple feed 9999 mm 393.66 in
Smallest diameter to be cut 10 mm 0.39 in
Shortest cut-off length individual cut and automatic operation 15 mm 0.59 in
Shortest remnant length individual cut 30 mm 1.18 in
Shortest remnant length automatic operation 225 mm 8.86 in

Length 2763 mm 108.78 in
Width 2502 mm 98.5 in
Height, saw head lowered position 1714 mm 67.48 in
Height, saw head in highest position 1932 mm 76.06 in
Material support height 700 mm 27.56 in
Total weight 2100 kg 4629.71 lbm

Total power 2.5 kW 3.35 hp
Saw motor, power – frequency controlled 1.5 kW 2.01 hp
Cutting speed infinitely variable – frequency controlled 20 - 110 m/min 65.62 - 360.89 ft/min
Dimensions of saw blade 3830 x 27 x 0.9 mm 150.79 x 1.06 x 0.04 in
Saw blade guides carbide guide and back roller, replaceable  
Material clamping hydraulic  
Cutting feed hydraulic, infinitely variable  
Saw blade tension mechanical  
Saw blade cleaning by synchronously running, easily replaceable wire brush  

Material Handling