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Green process chain with KASTO

In a world characterized by growing environmental awareness and the pursuit of sustainable solutions, the topic of green steel and its processing is becoming increasingly important. The development of green steel, which is created through innovative technologies and sustainable production processes, opens up new perspectives for the industry.

With its products, KASTO is actively committed to continuing the green process chain and promoting sustainable solutions in the steel industry. With the help of its energy-efficient products in particular, KASTO helps to minimize CO2 emissions and makes a significant contribution to reducing environmental impact.

Sustainability right from the start


Investments and maintenance

KASTO invested in various measures to improve energy efficiency. The oil heating in the production halls was replaced with more efficient infrared heaters, which cut heating costs and reduced energy consumption. The heat pump in the office building was replaced with a modern, more efficient model. New compressors optimize the energy consumption of the production facilities and a new storage system in the data center minimizes energy consumption.

KASTO will continue to invest in energy efficiency in order to reduce operating costs and promote environmental sustainability.


KASTO saws and bearings are characterized by many years of productivity, with quality and sustainability going hand in hand. The long service life not only supports efficiency, but also promotes environmental protection. A retrofit allows sawing systems and storage systems to be maintained in such a way that they can be used effectively over a long period of time. KASTO operates its own saw repair workshop, which has been in operation for over five decades, demonstrating its commitment to customer satisfaction and longevity. An impressive example is one of the oldest band saws from the 1980s, which has been in daily use for over 40 years. This durability not only demonstrates the quality of the products, but also emphasizes KASTO's contribution to resource conservation and waste reduction.

Virtual commissioning

The virtual commissioning of fully automated storage systems significantly reduces trips to the construction site, saves time and minimizes CO2 emissions. Specialized software digitizes all processes before the actual commissioning, creates a digital twin and thus enables the digital development and comprehensive testing of real warehouse systems in advance. Potential problems that were previously only identified on site can be rectified at an early stage. This leads to a more efficient and smooth implementation, reduces rework at the customer's premises and creates a more sustainable way of working in line with modern efficiency and environmental protection requirements.

Energy-efficient products

Rising electricity prices and increasingly scarce resources are bringing energy-efficient solutions into focus in all sectors - including logistics and distribution. KASTO began developing innovative concepts to increase energy efficiency for its automatic long goods and sheet metal storage systems at an early stage.



Innovative concept for energy recovery and energy storage: storage technology with integrated energy storage.


Mobile cassette production for storage systems from KASTO: Economical and environmentally friendly production on site.


Energy efficiency through software in control, production and logistics processes.