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KASTO - Saws. Storage. And More.

We are partner no. 1 worldwide for sawing and storing of metal bar stock and sheet metal. We have a vast product range and offer planning, design, software development, project work, execution, service and support from a single source.

Whoever wants to achieve more, must do more. Risk more future. Invest more. Integrate more performance. Think outside the box. This is the reason KASTO develops comprehensive machines and systems with interlocking components for metal sawing and storage technology. Perfectly complemented by industry and customer-oriented services. Complete solutions provide profitability and competitiveness to ensure investment security. This means more advantages for all users.

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Only the outstanding one can achieve success – and bring success to the customer.”


Armin Stolzer
Managing partner

Our products


Learn more about hack saws, bandsaws and circular saws


Learn more about bar storage and sheet metal storage

And More

More about material handling, SmartSolutions and service

Our history - over 175 years KASTO

Incorporation: Successful beginning

Karl Stolzer founds a carpentry business in Achern.


Saw frame

Construction of sawmills and later sawmills for wood processing.

First Hacksaw: Patented worldwide

The first KASTO Metal Hacksaw.


First Bar Storage and Retrieval System

The first portal system with integrated saws.



KASTO's internationalisation began in 1977 with a branch in France.

This was followed by locations in the USA, England, Singapore, Switzerland and, in 2018, the People's Republic of China.

Schalkau: Expanded in three steps

The Schalkau branch in Thuringia.

First robot handling system

In 2003, the first KASTOsort robot handling system was integrated into a KASTO sawing machine.

175 years of KASTO

175 years of experience.

Our values

A precondition for creating efficient solutions is a feel for the special requirements of our customers. Our commitment to Germany as a production location is also a commitment to uncompromisingly high quality. Securing and shaping KASTO's future. For this, KASTO relies on a mixture of experience and new ideas.


Markets change companies, companies change markets. Important for us: to give customers and suppliers the security that you have a reliable partner at your side. Exclusively with products and services that give customers a competitive edge. Cooperative, with a team that is committed to the needs of users and that reliably develops sustainable solutions. Reliable, with continuity in the long term and security in every situation. Only the outstanding one can achive success - and bring success to the customer.


Thinking, thinking ahead, thinking further: at KASTO there is room for people who think things through. Not every idea becomes an innovation. But every single one is a sign of creativity and the freedom the employees enjoy for trying things out and experimenting. The many improvements, new developments and patents from KASTO show that they can rely on the company's support. KASTO thus creates incentives to create something new. To find good ideas, you have to go completely new ways every now and then. Try out the unknown and combine different things. This is how innovations are created at KASTO that really benefit the customer.


Short-term, medium-term or long-term? Three-track thinking and investing so that we are still there for our customers tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. Investment in logistics, faster is better. That's why the logistics centre in Achern is characterised by lean handling and efficient processes. This means: Spare parts are on their way to the customer even faster - and are reliably available for many years. For KASTO, the future means securing the future of the customers. That is why short-term success has never been a company goal; instead, the planning is always aimed at long-term success and keeping all services at a sustainably high level.


In the beginning there is always an idea how to improve processes. The idea of how KASTO can increase the profitability of its customers. With innovations that set standards in the market, KASTO has developed a complex saw program. A program that offers solutions for all demands due to its variety. This means that KASTO quality products are also available for smaller industrial companies and workshops. The KASTO brand also stands for durable high-tech products with high precision and excellent quality, but above all for the commitment to each customer and individual customer solutions.


Complex technical systems only function with the perfect interaction of the individual components. KASTO takes responsibility for ensuring that they fit together down to the last detail. Metal saws from KASTO work around the clock. This is proven by their service life as well as their durability. Therefore, an investment in a KASTO represents a real company value. Even though technical development progresses with each new machine generation - many KASTO systems are still efficiently integrated in production after decades. The robust design is one reason for this, the other is the complete service programme.


Our customers

KASTO saws and storage systems can be found in all metal processing areas where availability, efficiency and long lifetime are needed: in steel and aluminum distribution, in machine and system manufacturing, in the processing industry and in the automotive sector. In addition, customers from different industries, i.e. steel mills, shipyards, schools and research facilities.