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Testimonials long goods storage systems and sheet metal storage systems

More than 2,200 storage systems are already in use for our customers worldwide. On this page we would like to present some highlights.

Are you looking for a competent partner in the field of long goods or sheet metal storage? Then you can gain an insight into the solutions we have implemented worldwide.

Tower system


Werner Weitner

Product type:  UNITOWER

Branch: Mechanical engineering

Country: Germany


Product type:  UNITOWER and KASTOwin

Branch: Manufacturing service

Country: Germany

Honeycomb system



Product type: UNICOMPACT

Branch: Window construction

Country: Germany


Product type: UNICOMPACT

Branch: Steel trade

Country: Switzerland


Product type: UNICOMPACT

Branch: Window manufacturing

Country: France


Product type: UNIGRIP

Branch: Non-ferrous metal distributor

Country: Germany

Sawing center


Weser Stahl

Product type: KASTOcenter und KASTOtec FC 4

Branch: Steel trade

Country: Germany


Product type: KASTOcenter

Branch: Steel trade

Country: Germany