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Product overview of our More

The More includes the optimisation of your processes with the help of an extensive product range in the area of material handling and smart solutions as well as our service.

Material handling

Material handling offers great potential for process optimisation and automation.


KASTO SmartSolutions offers concepts that automate and network all processes.


Our service includes a variety of assistance packages and original spare parts. Our qualified technicians are always at your side.

Material handling


Robot handling system from KASTO

KASTOsort is a robot handling system for automation of your production and logistics. The core function of KASTOsort is the palletising and picking of workpieces at processing machines.

Intelligent material distribution system

KASTOrail is an intelligent material distribution system which efficiently and ergonomically prepares picking bundles for dispatch.

Material feed into the storage system and to the sawing machine

KASTO offers various manual and automated feeding devices such as roller conveyors, inclined magazines and universal magazines.

Material removal from the sawing machine and further processing

KASTO's removal systems transport your material to where you need it, either manually by roller conveyor or automated with the robot handling system KASTOsort in combination with different sorting devices.

Sheet metal handling for machine connection and picking

KASTO's sheet metal handling solutions offer a seamless, efficient and automated material flow from the warehouse to sheet metal processing as well as the provision of different sheet metal formats for picking. Discover our manipulators and turning devices.

KASTO SmartSolutions


All sawing machines at a glance

The KASTOapp offers a solution to get an overview of the live status of the sawing machines. It shows, for example, the current orders, the past status incl. errors on a timeline and maintenance information.

An optimal plan for your sawing machine

KASTOoptisaw is a cut optimisation and selection of the appropriate sawing machine, taking into account the machine parameters and considering the boundary conditions. An important goal is to reduce the amount of waste.

The optimisation tool generates one or more cutting plans, these are displayed graphically, including mitre cuts. Afterwards, the job parameters can be transferred to the sawing machine.

Warehouse Management made by KASTO

Whether fully automated high rack or manual warehouse, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) software suite KASTOlogic improves your work processes and helps to make them efficient. KASTOlogic was especially designed for the requirements in long good and sheet metal storages.

Digital solution for all processes in warehousing

KASTOlogic mobile is the platform-independent, mobile solution of the KASTOlogic warehouse management system and makes the most important functions available on mobile devices and can manage manual storage locations outside the automated warehouse system. This promises more mobility.

Innovative Energy Recovery

Rising energy costs and dwindling resources create a demand for energy-efficient solutions in every industry. KASTOenergysave enables the conversion of surplus kinetic energy into electricity and its intermediate storage for later use when needed.



The center of our thoughts and activities is the availability of your KASTO products."

Stefan Schneider

Service team leader storage systems

The KASTOshop North America

Order spare parts online

In the KASTOshop North America you will find a wide range of spare parts for KASTO sawing machines. In the entire online store you receive a discount of 5% on spare parts.

If you need further items which you cannot find online, please contact our service directly.

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