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References in the field of metal saws

There are already over 140,000 saws sold worldwide. On this page we would like to present some highlights.

Discover the wide range of applications for our metal sawing machines and convince yourself that we are the sawing experts.



Weser Stahl

Product type: KASTOcenter, KASTOvariospeed and KASTOtec

Industry: Steel trade

Country: Germany

Metal Cutting Service

Product type: KASTOwin

Industry: Sawing service provider

Country: USA


Product type: KASTOwin und UNITOWER

Industry: Manufacturing service

Country: Germany


Product type: KASTOwin pro

Industry: Oil and gas industry

Country: Great Britain

Miter bandsaws



Product type: KASTOmiwin

Branch: Steel trade

Country: Germany

Block band saws and panel saws



Product type: KASTObbs

Industry: Construction and tool steel

Country: Czech Republic

3D printing


Airbus Helicopters

Product type: KASTOwin amc

Branch: Aeronautics

Country: Germany