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Type:Sheet metal storage
Storage Type:In-Line Storage System
Loading per storage: 1 t - 5 t / 2204.62 lbs - 11023.1 lbs
Storage length: 2.5 m - 4 m / 8.2 ft - 13.12 ft
Storage size: 80 - 9999 Locations
Rack support:Yes
Integrated saw possible:Yes

This storage system can be installed as a stand-alone unit within existing buildings. Upon request, the steel structure can be designed as a rack-supported silo construction with wall and roof enclosure.

The UNILINE offers different system pallets for flat and bulky storage goods where different formats can be combined.

Typical applications are: Sheet metal storage systems for commissioning in steel distribution, Interface to sheet metal processing machines for virtually unmanned Operation, Logistics center to store crates, tools and other materials to interface different work areas in manufacturing facilities.

  • Highest storage density due to effective space utilization for smallest floor-space use
  • Fast pallet changeover times due to fully automatic operation ensure short processing times with reduced personnel
  • Clear storage management ensures better safety and easier planning
  • Optimum inventory control due to perpetual inventory management
  • Fully automatic handling for fast commissioning of all types of orders in metal distribution


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