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Storage Type: Honeycomb system
Type of storage system: Bar Storage


The close dimensions of the operating gantry crane ensure that as much space as possible is used for material storage. Utilizing the principle „Material to Operator“, the UNICOMPACT bar storage system delivers the requested material fast to the outfeed stations. An extensive variety of different station designs increases the efficiency for cutting and commissioning of solids or shapes of steel, aluminum, plastic or non-ferrous materials.

  • Building heights 4-26 m (13‘-85.3‘)
  • Cassette for 1-8 t (2,200-17,600 lbs.) usable load
  • Inventory volume approx. 500-8.000 cassettes – approx.500-40.000 t (1,100,000-88,000,000 lbs)
  • Cassette lengths from 3 to 14 m (9.8‘-45.9‘)
  • Building carrying design possible
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Technical data
Metric system and Imperial and US customary units
Loading per storage location
1-8 t (2,200-17,600 lbs)
Economic storage size
from 500 locations
Economic storage length
3-14 m (9.8´-45.9´)
Economic system height
4-26 m (13.1´-85.3´)
Rack supported design possible
Number of pick per h (per OGC)
Partially integrated saw possible
Fully integrated saw possible
We reserve the right to make technical changes.

UNICOMPACT by KASTO takes logistics to new heights for the steel trade

Ensuring high delivery readiness is the goal of multi metal distributor Debrunner. This is achieved with the UNICOMPACT 3.0 long material storage system, which enables significant process advantages and reliable material availability.

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The window and door system manufacturer REHAU relies on a state-of-the-art production plant with perfectly coordinated manufacturing and logistics processes. The centrepiece is the UNICOMPACT automated high-bay warehouse, which has significantly increased picking performance and flexibility and made working conditions more ergonomic.

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