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Universal magazine without fixed compartment partitioning

Product group: Saw
Material shape: Bar
Product type: Infeed

The universal magazine without fixed compartment partitioning 6,000 mm can be used for buffering and automatic reloading of material bars with different material dimensions, qualities and shapes. The material lateral transport takes place via supporting double-pitch roller chains. Therefore only minimum force is required.

In order to separate the material, it must be placed on a gap, the minimum distance between the bars must be 10 mm. The alignment is on the left in the material flow direction. Upon request, the position of the universal magazine can also be delivered on the right in the material flow direction.

The restoring buffer is used to automatically restore remnant bars with a minimum length of 600 mm. The restoring buffer is mounted to the right in the direction of the material flow next to the magazine roller conveyor. Remnants smaller than 600 mm are disposed of via the cut-piece sorting device in a remnant container that must be provided for this purpose. All operating elements are located in the machine.

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