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Material infeed device KASTO buffer magazine

Product group: Saw
Material shape: Bar
Product type: Infeed

The KASTO buffer magazine is suitable for picking up 4 material bars with differing shapes and dimensions of up to Ø 260 mm or 260 x 260 mm. The material is transported laterally via the KASTO lift step system.

The material is transferred gently onto the magazine roller conveyor to ensure the material is not damaged during the process.

The magazine roller conveyor is equipped with powered transport rollers, the transport speed is between 0 - 15 m/min and is frequency-controlled. The creep speed runs synchronously with the machine's feed collet. Light barriers activate the automatic switching of the transport speed. The usable width is 430 mm. In the system's semi-automatic mode, material of up to Ø 430 mm or 430 x 430 mm can be cut with direct material placement on the magazine roller conveyor. Remnant bars from 600 mm length with dimensions of up to Ø 260 mm or 260 x 260 mm are pushed automatically onto a storage polder during the magazine cycling process.

All operating elements are located in the machine.

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