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Product group: Saw
Material shape: Bar
Product type: Robotics

Robot handling system to automate your production and logist

KASTOsort is a robotic handling system for the automation of your production and logistics. The robot is based on a decentral self-organizing program logic. Therefore, neither a teach-in nor any kind of programming by the user is necessary. The robot obtains all required information by communication with your ERP system or the previous or following machines. This ensures the flexibility of your system and gets you ready for the future.

Core function of the KASTOsort is the palletizing and commissioning of work pieces at machine tools. We attach importance to ensuring that all applicable dimensions are handled. The robot calculates, according to the orders, the optimal piles with highest pacing density in the deposit container. The packing density and the process stability are supported by our especially developed gripper and gripper concept.

Beyond palletizing and commissioning the KASTOsort offers the possibility to integrate sequential processes. With processes such as deburring, length measurement and marking, we offer holistic solutions for manufacturing and handling of your products.

By investing in automation you reduce your operating costs considerably. A KASTOsort system, compared to a manual system in three-shift operation is already profitable after 10 months. This improves your competitiveness and gives you the opportunity to specialize your staff.


Advantages at a glance

  • Increased cost effectiveness by means of automation
  • Increased load factor
  • No programming efforts or tech-in due to decentral self-organizing program logic
  • Guaranteed future and flexibility concerning changes in your machining spectrum
  • Handling of all applicable dimensions
  • Palletizing and commissioning
  • Piles with optimized packing density
  • Integration of sequential processes such as deburring, beveling, marking, weighing, cleaning etc.
  • Increased service life of your tools by intelligent program processes
  • Loading and unloading of machines
  • Loading of driverless transport systems
  • Individual gripper concepts

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