KASTO storage systems: Modern storage technology for bar and sheet metal

Whether for long goods or sheet metal, with our different storage types and sizes we meet your individual needs. 

KASTO storage systems are used in various industries, such as mechanical engineering, window construction, steel trade and in the area of sheet metal processing.

Whether providing metals, steel or sheet metal to processing machines or for order picking, the areas of application are as versatile as the stored goods themselves. This ranges from bar materials, profiles, cassettes and pallets to sheet metal packages.

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Bar storage an retrieval systems

Bar storage an retrieval systems

KASTO offers a wide selection of different storage systems for bars, tubes, profiles and beams, all tailored to individual or architectural requirements. Because storage space is valuable. To use this space economically, the storage system must be exactly customized for the application in order to ensure an effective material flow in production and distribution.

Sheet metal storage systems

Sheet metal storage systems

KASTO offers different sheet metal storage systems for all tasks, storage quantities and speeds. Sheets put special requirements on the sheet metal storage and transport due to their format. The KASTO sheet metal storage systems enables an efficient storage of thick and fine plates of all dimensions as packages or boards.

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Testimonial storage systems

KASTO. Warehouse system optimises sheet metal manufacturing

De Cromvoirtse, located in Oisterwijk in the Netherlands, specialises in semi-finished products. In 2008, the idea took shape, not only to automate the ordering process but also the entire parts manufacturing. The company began its search for a suitable project partner and quickly established its initial contact with KASTO in Achern-Gamshurst. The decision was made in favour of KASTO because, from the very beginning, the specialist in warehouse technology collaborated with de Cromvoirtse constructively, incorporated many new ideas into the project and established problem-oriented solutions.

In addition, KASTO is independent from the supplier of the laser machine on which the parts are manufactured. In this manner, de Cromvoirtse could integrate the most optimum machine for the company at any time. The tremendous scope of development, in particular, in the IT sector, created confidence and trust with the Dutch partners.

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