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Storage Type: Honeycomb system
Type of storage system: Bar Storage


The close dimensions of the operating gantry crane allow for great space utilization and short cycle times. The cassettes can be modified to individual requirements by adding dividers, lining of the material supports or floor plates.

  • Heights up to 15 m (49.2‘)
  • Inventory volumes up to 10.000 t (22,000,000 lbs.)
  • Loads up to 3 t (6,600 lbs.) per cassette
  • Cassette lengths from 3 to 8 m (9.8‘ to 26.2‘)
  • Rack supported building design possible
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Technical data
Metric system and Imperial and US customary units
Loading per storage location
1-3 t (2,200-6,600 lbs)
Economic storage size
from 400 locations
Economic storage length
3-8 m (9.8´-26.2´)
Economic system height
4-15 m (13´-49.2´)
Rack supported design possible
Number of pick per h (per OGC)
Partially integrated saw possible
Fully integrated saw possible
We reserve the right to make technical changes.

Schneller Zugriff für Metallhändler

Das bei der AMCO Metall-Service GmbH installierte Langgutlagersystem vom Typ UNIGRIP 3.0 erhöht die Produktivität und ermöglicht einem schnellen Zugriff auf Materialien und Fertigteile.

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