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KASTOgripspeed C 10

Type: Circular saw
Grade of automation: automatic
Cutting range: up to 0.59 - 4.02 in

KASTOgripspeed C 10

High-Performance Automatic Circular Sawing Machine Easy Programming with Gripper Feed Technology and Touch Screen.

  • Feed vise technology guarantees long lifetime and low wear
  • Easy operation even under rough machine shop conditions with the help of the KASTO ProControl
  • Carbide guides of saw blade (on both sides)
  • Automatic work piece infeed via inclined magazine and bar separator
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Technical data
KASTOgripspeed C 10
Cutting range
Cutting range
0.59 - 4.02 in / 0.59x0.59 - 4.02x3.15 in
Shortest length of cut-off piece
0.31 in
Mass and height
62.42 in
119.13 in
88.07 in
Total weight
7040 lbs
Material support hight
43.31 in
Performance characteristics
Drive power saw blade
14.74 HP
Drive power hydraulic pump
2.01 HP
Cutting speed infinitely variable
55 - 575 ft/min
Saw blade feed rate, infinitely adjustable
approx 0.39 - 157.48 in/min
Rapid return
approx 393.70 in/min
Clamping force, infinitely adjustable
440 - 2750 lbs
Max. tolerance of straightness
0.08 in
Material feed length, individual cut
1969 in
Multiple feed
393.66 in
Shortest remnant length
2.95 in
We reserve the right to make technical changes.