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KASTOwin F 10.6 Table Version

Type: Bandsaw
Grade of automation:
Cutting range: up to up to 41.73 in

KASTOwin F 10.6 Table Version

Reliable feed process for heavy workpieces

The KASTOwin F 10.6 is also available with a moveable material support table. This makes it possible to feed in and position heavy, bulky stock such as ingots, large tools or offset shafts easily and reliably.

Using the integrated table the material can be easily feed in the machine. Precision feed is achieved by means of a servo drive and a ball screw spindle.

KASTO offers an extensive range of accessories: Horizontal vice, magnetic clamping plate for remnants, prism mounting, packers, support surfaces with wearing plates.

Please find additional information concerning the basic machine under the type description for the machine KASTOwin A 10.6.

The bullet points describe above pictures:

  • Reliable feed process for heavy workpieces
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Technical data
KASTOwin F 10.6 Table Version
Cutting range
Cutting range 90° round (W x H)
39.37 in.
Cutting range 90° flat
41.73 x 39.37 in.
Clamping range
0 – 41.73 in.
Shortest length of residual piece, automatic operation
0.39 in.
Shortest length of cut-off piece
1.97 x 1.97 in.
Mass and weights
285.04 in.
187.01 in.
187.01 in.
Total weight
29,762.41 lbs.
Material support height
30.71 in.
Size of table (L x W)
102.36 x 41.73 in.
Moving range
137.79 in.
Carrying capacity
39,683.21 lbs.
We reserve the right to make technical changes.