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KASTObloc A 5

Type: Bandsaw
Grade of automation: automatic
Cutting range: up to 9.84 in

KASTObloc A 5

KASTO block and plate sawing machines

Is it your job to cut different dimensions from different plates and blocks from your existing material using the longitudinal cutting method? Does the majority of your cutting tasks consist of cutting light to medium blocks or plates?

Then you will find the right sawing machine for your cutting task here. By utilizing the longitudinal cutting method, KASTO block and plate sawing machines make it possible to configure different cross-section dimensions from billets and plates, rectangular or flat materials

The automatic material feed device positions the blocks and plates precisely in the desired position.

KASTObloc A 5:

  • Ideal for cutting remnant pieces
  • The footprint is reduced by approx. 50% since the sawing machine moves
  • The traversing and pivoting operating panel guarantees maximum overview and safety.
  • Highly dynamic and excellent material handling
  • The machine is installed on the floor and can be repositioned if needed.
  • Integrated powered chip removal brush, coolant system and chip conveyor (discharge level 745 mm)
  • Saw blade minimum speed control
  • Plate feed unit
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KASTObloc A 5
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