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KASTOwin A 3.3

Type: Bandsaw
Grade of automation: automatic
Cutting range: up to 13 in.

KASTOwin A 3.3

The fully-automated bandsaws from the KASTOwin range have been designed for mass production sawing of solid material, tube and profile. Designed in Germany and manufactured in state-of-the-art, flow line production lines at our assembly plants in Achern (in the northern Black Forest) and Schalkau (Thuringia), KASTOwin creates the ideal conditions for optimum efficiency.

  • Customised to the specific application using a modular system design
  • Quick motion using servo drive and ball screw spindle for the material feed and the linear guided saw frame
  • Automatic band guide arm adjustment
  • Quick and easy programming via colour touch screen
  • SmartControl to ensure high bandsaw blade lifetimes
  • Incremental feed for cutting batches of short pieces
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Technical data
KASTOwin A 3.3
Cutting range
Cutting range
13 in.
Smallest dimension to be cut
0.4 in.
Shortest length of residual piece, automatic operation
2.4 in.
Shortest length of cut-off piece
0.4 in.
Cutting range flat height x width
13 in. x 14 in.
Mass and weights
53.5 in.
93.7 in.
72.83 in.
Total weight
4519 lbs.
Material support hight
27.6 in.
Performance characteristics
Connected load
8.04 hp
Saw motor, frequency controlled
5.36 hp
Cutting speed infinitely variable
472 - 5905 in./min
Material feed length - individual feed
19.69 in.
Multiple feed
393.66 in.
Saw blade dimensions
200.39 in. x 1.34 in. x 0.04 in
Cutting feed
electrically adjustable via ball bearing spindle
Material feed
ball bearing spindle
Material clamping
Saw blade cleaning
by easy to exchange wire brush, synchronised with main drive
We reserve the right to make technical changes.

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