KASTOhba A 10x12

KASTOhba A 10x12

Fully hydraulic and automatic high-performance bandsawing machine of robust construction, with saw blade moving parallel in horizontal direction, for cutting of profiles, tubes and solid material of all qualities and of material which is difficult to cut (e.g. titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel).

  • exceptionally solid construction, high rigidity
  • extremely good vibration dampening
  • Short cutting times and hight cutting performance
  • Hydraulic horizontal clamping vise with side shift cylinder of the fixed clamping jaw
  • Saw head and band guides adjustment automatically via light barriers to material height and material width
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Technical data
KASTOhba A 10x12
Cutting range
Cutting range
41.73 x 49.65 in / 41.73 x 41.73 in / 41.73 in
Clamping range
11.81 - 49.61 in
Smallest dimension to be cut
Ø 11.81 in
Shortest remnant length individual cut
0.79 in
Shortest length of residual piece, automatic operation
3.94 in
Shortest length of cut-off piece
0.39 in
Mass and height
225.20 in
Length incl. chip conveyor
225.20 in
Width without chip conveyor approx.
215.35 in
134.65 in
Total weight
42,020 lbs
Material support hight
27.56 in
Table size, length x width
98.43 x 49.21 in
Moving range
82.68 in
Carrying capacity
44,092 lbs
Performance characteristics
Saw motor, Power
14.74 HP
Total connected load
26.80 HP
Cutting speed infinitely variable
39.36 - 295.20 ft/min
Clamping force of machine vice
11000 lbs
Saw blade dimensions
450 x 3.15 x 0.06 in
Cutting feed
infinitely variable
Material feed
Material clamping
Saw blade guide
carbide tipped, exchangeable
Saw blade tension
Cleaning of saw blade
by a brush which is easy to exchange, motor-driven
We reserve the right to make technical changes.