KASTObbs U 8x20

KASTObbs U 8x20

By the long cut working method, the KASTObbs U 8x20 block bandsawing machine allows to cut square or flat material with different sizes of cross section from rolled blocks or rolled plates.

  • Infinitely variable bandsaw blade speed
  • Using bi-metal or carbide saw blades, all material qualities, including difficult to cut materials such as titanium, hastelloy and inconel can be cut with a strong cutting performance
  • The fully welded, distortion-free construction of the saw head, with adjustable height of the blade guides, ensures quiet running and vibration-free working for accurate results, shorter cutting times and longer tool life.
  • The workpiece is locked on the saw table. This reduces the machine footprint by approx. 50 %, resulting in lower space costs.
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Technical data
KASTObbs U 8x20
Cutting range
Cutting height without BandControl
36.22 in
Cutting depth (without measuring stops)
81.10 in
Available with the following cutting lengths
Mass and height
Width protecting cap closed approx.
232.87 in
Height without laser approx.
140.16 in
Weight of saw unit approx.
14,300 lbs
Height of table support approx.
61.02 in
Cutting range 236.22 in
Supporting surface of front table (length x width)
236.22 x 78.74 in
Carrying capacity of front table
105,820.80 lbs
Carrying capacity of back table
236.22 x 81.10 in
Length incl. chip conveyor
387.80 in
Gewicht Materialauflagetische ca.
32,340 lbs
Performance characteristics
Total connected load
10.05 HP
Cutting speed infinitely variable
45.92 - 246 ft/min
Dimensions of saw blade
384.02 x 2.13 x 0.06 in
Saw blade feed rate, infinitely adjustable
0.02 - 9.84 in/min
We reserve the right to make technical changes.

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