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The warehouse management software KASTOlogic supports your processes and assists in organising them efficiently, both in automated high-bay systems and manual warehouses. The combination of system visualisation and targeted operator support increases the efficiency of the entire system.

A graphic user interface, designed in line with the latest user experience insights and a consistent operating philosophy covering simple controls up to KASTOlogic, supports the operator in daily warehousing work.

The overall performance is improved through systematic optimisation of the routes in the automated warehouse.

KASTOlogic consists of the modules of your choice.

The following modules are available in addition to the basic module:

- material flow: Controlling of automated storage systems
- stock: Management of stock with the logistics, production and manual store subgroups

  • logistics: Expansion of the logistics functions
  • production: Production management
  • manualstore: Management of manual storage areas

- automation: Integration of machines for a higher level of automation
- statistics: Comprehensive statistics for system analysis

Further advantages and information can be found in the brochure.

Download brochure (PDF 1.8 MB)
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Der Stahlhändler SchwarzwaldEisen vereinfacht und beschleunigt seine Prozesse, in dem er die automatischen und manuellen Lagerbereiche durch ein System steuert. Die erfolgt durch das Lagerverwaltungssystem KASTOlogic sowie die intelligente App KASTOlogic mobile. Dadurch minimiert er die Fehlerrate und kann sämtliche Chargen lückenlos nachverfolgen.

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