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KASTOlogic mobile

KASTOlogic mobile

Digital solution for all storage processes.

KASTOlogic mobile is the platform-independent mobile solution of the warehouse management system KASTOlogic and makes the most important functionalities like storing and retrieving available on a mobile device. No matter how far you are away from the next control panel, the entire storage system can be controlled with only one finger tip. Additionally, KASTOlogic mobile can also manage the material that is stored in manual storage areas outside of the automated storage and retrieval system, making it the perfect solution to manage the entire inventory of the warehouse.

More mobility:

  • Independent from the control panel
  • High flexibility and time saving
  • In large warehouses, material bookings can be done independently from the control panels
  • Easy-to-use (touch screen)

Further advantages and information can be found in the brochure.

Download brochure (PDF 2.2 MB)