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The marking device KASTOnailmark is integrated in the feed section of the machine. It is suit-able for face marking of saw cuttings from a minimum height of 20 mm and a minimum width of 40 mm.

The marking is done by a needle marking system. The marking cycle takes place after the respective saw-ing operation. The type height can be selected from 1 to 30 mm and the marking field size is 100 x 150 mm (H x W).

The software is integrated in the machine control. On the machine control, the data is entered and the marking image is displayed. The marking capability is already checked when entering jobs and not dur-ing job processing. This prevents downtimes, e.g. during unmanned operation.

The following marking parameters can be selected for each job:

  • Marker texts (database fields, current section data, free marker text)
  • Type size
  • Logo (optional)
  • Distance from the outer edge of the material
  • Marking type
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