KASTO at the EMO

A portfolio further enriched by many innovative products

The sawing and storage technology specialist KASTO will be presenting a wide range of innovations at the EMO 2019 (16-21 September) in Hanover, Germany. The KASTO booth E54 in Hall 15 will feature an efficient energy recovery and storage concept for automated storage systems, plus new sawing machines for every requirement, ranging from the KASTOmicut workshop bandsaw and the versatile series KASTOwin/miwin to the KASTOvariospeed and KASTOtec high-performance production saws. Digital solutions will also be on show live in the booth’s Smart Solutions Corner.

On request, KASTO can offer its automated storage systems with energy recovery and integrated energy storage. Surplus kinetic energy – such as that produced when braking the storage and retrieval machine or lowering lifting gear – can be converted into electricity, fed back into the grid and used flexibly. This solution not only reduces energy costs but also improves the quality of the power supply, since energy is continuously drawn from the supply, which in turn avoids load peaks. Operators can also often plan for and use smaller transformer stations, massively reducing investment costs. Existing KASTO storage systems can also be retrofitted with energy recovery and storage. KASTO will be demonstrating the energy concept at the EMO using a UNITOWER tower storage system.

Another booth highlight will be the “Smart Solutions Corner”, where KASTO will be presenting its digitalisation and Industry 4.0 developments. Just one of many products, the KASTOlogic warehouse management system not only enables the continuous administration and control of automated storage systems, it also manages the mobile inventories of manual warehouse areas. The KASTOapp machine status display, the KASTOoptisaw saw plan generation system and the interactive remote maintenance solution, KASTO VisualAssistance will also be showcased at the trade fair. A video will show visitors how storage, sawing and material handling processes can be completely automated and optimised with KASTO solutions – all from one single source.

More models expand the KASTO range of saws

The KASTOmiwin is a double mitre bandsaw for cut-to-length and mitre cuts between -45 and +60 degrees. It is available in semi-automated or fully-automated versions and is especially designed for parts cut to size in steel construction, steel trade, plant construction and special machine construction. KASTO also offers the swing-frame bandsaws of the KASTOmicut series in its portfolio. Available in two sizes, these saws are especially designed for use in workshops. Users can choose different cutting ranges and manually-operated, semi-automated or fully-automated versions.

The universal bandsaw series KASTOwin will also be exhibited at the EMO. The KASTOwin line is designed for the serial and production sawing of solid materials, pipes and sections. They offer a flexible solution for a wide range of applications. The different machine sizes are all designed using the same construction method and the components used are largely identical – and as a result, KASTO is able to offer the new saws at a significantly more attractive price than comparable products from other manufacturers. For particularly heavy workpieces, the KASTOwin is also available with a movable material support table. KASTO offers further special designs for the processing of pipes and additive manufactured components.

The production circular saw KASTOvariospeed is another all-rounder for steel processing.

This CNC-controlled sawing machine can process different materials flexibly – even those that are difficult to machine – and it is ideal for unmanned operation, especially in combination with a KASTOcenter sawing centre. The robust design and high-performance, frequency-controlled drive ensure short cutting times, while the ultra-thin carbide saw blades guarantee outstanding precision and low material wastage. The EMO 2019 will also see another new member of the KASTO family make a first-time appearance – the KASTOvariospeed C18, which has a larger cutting range of 180 millimetres.

KASTO has extensively revised the automated bandsaw KASTOtec. Here the KASTO designers focused on the best possible use of carbide saw blades. The KASTOtec continues to impress with high cutting performance and long band life – even with difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, hastelloy or inconel. Yet another new feature is the infinitely-adjustable, electro-mechanical saw feed, which provides the best prerequisites for efficient, highly-accurate and tool-friendly work. The saw feed control with its minimal use of sensors enables the cutting parameters to be continuously adjusted. A double saw blade band cleaning system automatically adjusts the brushes over their entire life, ensuring that they are always optimally positioned relative to the saw blade. This all contributes to an even higher standard in sawing performance.


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