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High quality metal saws, bar storage systems or sheet metal storage are the one and only in our product range.

Services & Support

But the products are only one part of the performance strength. Extremely important - the reliable complete service with comprehensive and individual attention.

Josef Schneider

The center of our thoughts and activities is the availability of your KASTO products.”

Stefan Schneider

Team Leader Service Storage Systems

Service Center

Service Center

Technical support:

  • Skilled technicians with long-term experience in field service
  • 80 % of disturbances can be fixed by phone with the customer's help

KASTO Teleservice

  • Less costs for service deployments
  • Higher availability


Maintenance UVV checks:

  • Reduction of unplanned downtimes.
  • Process reliability by means of checkedd machine quality.

Factory repairs:

  • Repair of your machine at KASTO
  • Modernization of your used machine


  • Shortest retrofitting times and immediate high availability

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288 KASTO ProAssistance contracts
1.400 KASTO Maintenance contracts
110.000 Spare parts shipped from Germany


175 years of tradition
700 employes worldwide
6 locations
50 agencies

Why do our sawing machines turn out to be profitable?