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Energy efficiency

Storage Type: All types of storage systems
Type of storage system: Sheet and bar storage systems

Energy efficiency

KASTO storage technology with integrated energy saver.

To realize a high standard of automatization, manufacturing and trading, companies need even more energy for their intralogistics. Therefore, the utilization of the energy efficiency of gantry cranes is of great importance when it comes to profitability and the investment in logistic systems.

The energy efficiency can reach a long term and strategic competitive advantage by using our innovative KASTO-technique. In addition, competitiveness can be raised since the saving potential of the energy usage is permanently calculable.

By using the latest KASTO-energy efficiency solution the stored energy will stay in the storage system until reuse of other consumers (integrated energy storage by using capacitors). Hereby,the necessary total energy requirements by the power supply can be reduced.

More energy efficiency with our KASTO energy management system.

The climate change results in legal obligations and therefore in continually rising energy prices. Possible savings of the energy efficiency are observed during the planning of intra logistic storage systems with the new KASTO storage technology with an integrated energy saver.

  • The energy will be saved in the system until reuse
  • Energy saving up to 40 %
  • Energy supply can be reduced up to 50 %!
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Energy efficiency
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