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KASTOwin amc

Type: Bandsaw
Grade of automation: automatic
Cutting range: 3D printing plates 400 x 400 mm/Option 500 x 400 mm

KASTOwin amc

KASTOwin amc - additive manufacturing cutting

Created as the final missing step in the process chain:

  •  Innovative sawing concept for additively manufactured components
  •  Accurate cut positioning to minimize tolerance requirement of the printing area
  •  Easy, user-friendly handling
  •  Closed work space
  •  Machine prepared for a customer-supplied suction unit

Key features of the saw specially developed for cutting additively manufactured components:

  • High-performance band saw machine for individual cuts of additively manufactured components of materials which are difficult to cut
  • Optimum operator protection - full machine covering according to the latest CE criteria
  •  A simple, easily accessible machine cover allows the operator to load and unload the base plate by opening the protective doors
  •  Automatic operated turning device - precise positioning of the workpieces at 180°. The cut-off components fall into a correspondingly prepared collecting container in order to prevent any unnecessary risk to the operator or to damage the components
  •  Machine prepared for connection to a suction unit provided by the customer
  •  Fast movement by servo drives and ball screw spindle for material feed (turning device) and linear-guided saw frame
  •  Effective material utilization by input of the plate thickness with subsequent automatic height adjustment of the saw unit
  •  Visual inspection window in the material removal flap / individual removal of the components possible by simple machine pausing
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Technical data
KASTOwin amc
Metric system
Performance characteristics
Cutting range
400 x 400 mm /Option 500 x 400 mm
Clamping range (base plate)
up to 400 x 400 mm
up to 500 x 400
Cutting speed
12-150 m/min
Saw motor, frequency controlled
4 kW
Total power of the standard version
6 kW
Compressed air connection
6 bar
Dimension of saw blade
5.090 x 34 x 1,1 mm / Option 5.090 x 27 x 0,9 mm
Material loading height
1.100 mm
Length x Width x Height
2.460 x 2.400 x 2.100 mm
Imperial and US customary units
Performance characteristics
Cutting range (length x width)
15.7 x 15.7 inch / optional 19.6 x 15.7 inch
Clamping range base plate ( length x width)
up to 15.7 x 15.7 inch
Option (length x width)
up to 19.6 x 15.7 inch
Cutting speed
472 - 5905 in/min
Saw motor, frequency controlled
5.36 hp
Total power of the standard version
8.05 hp
Compressed air connection
87 psi
Dimension of saw blade
200.39 x 1.34 x 0,43 inch / Option 200.39 x 1.06 x 0.35 inch
Material loading height
43.30 inch
Length x Width x Height
96.85 x 94.49 x 82.68 inch
We reserve the right to make technical changes.

Headstand for the perfect shaft

To meet customer requirements, the steel trader relies on the automatic two-column guided mitre band saw KASTOmiwin. The machine convinces with its high dimensional accuracy at all mitre angles and significantly expands the performance spectrum of Klöckner & Co Germany.

For reference Airbus Helicopters