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KASTOcross U

Type: Bandsaw
Grade of automation: Semi automatic
Cutting range: up to 410 x 1.270 mm

KASTOcross U

The plate bandsawing machines

Is it your job to cut different dimensions of different plates and blocks from your existing material utilizing the end-facing cutting method? Does the majority of your cutting tasks consist of cutting light to medium blocks and plates including billets and plates and/or rectangular or flat materials? If so, you will find a sawing machine that suites your needs amongst the plate bandsawing machines from the KASTOcross U series.

The heavy-duty block and plate bandsaw with a saw blade that moves parallel in a vertical direction for cutting billets or plates, rectangular or flat material of all qualities is designed specially for tool steels and difficult-to-cut material such as titanium, Hastelloy or Inconel.

Advantages of plate saws KASTOcross U

  • Saw blade guide by means of hydraulically pretensioned carbide slideways
  • Electronically monitoring of the hydraulic saw blade tension
  • Infinitely variable cutting speed, centrally adjustable
  • Sawing machine control system KASTO AdvancedControl for easy, fast and reliable operation and adjustment of saw parameters
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KASTOcross U
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