KASTOssb A 2

KASTOssb A 2

Fully hydraulic and automatic high-performance bandsawing machine of robust construction, with saw blade moving parallel in vertical direction, for cutting of profiles, tubes and solid material of all qualities, including difficult to cut material (e.g. titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel).

  • Totally enclosed installation provides high safety and excellent noise damping
  • Sturdy clamping vice system permits high cutting accuracy and reliable clamping of the workpiece
  • Vertically cutting saw blade optimizes chip flow
  • Blade exchange is easy and virtually maintenance free
  • Minor coolant loss and easy cleaning
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Technical data
KASTOssb A 2
Cutting range
Cutting range
260x 260 mm / 260 mm
Cutting range bundle width
150 - 260 mm
Cutting range bundle height
0 - 200 mm
Clamping range
0 - 260 mm
Smallest size to be cut
Ø 10 mm
Shortest length of cut-off piece
5 mm
Minimal remnant length, automatic Operation
Minimal remnant length, single cut
Dimensions and weights
1.670 mm
2.080 mm
2.130 mm
Material support height
950 mm
Total weight
2200 kg
Performance characteristics
Total connected load
9.5 kW
Power of saw motor
5.5 kW
Cutting speed infinitely variable
15 - 125 m/min
Automatic feed length, single stroke
600 mm
Multiple feed length
9999 mm
Clamping force of machine vice
1100 - 6800 N
Clamping force of feed vice
1100 - 6800 N
Dimensions of saw blade
4115 x 41 x 1.3 mm
We reserve the right to make technical changes.

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