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Type: Bandsaw
Grade of automation: automatic
Cutting range: up to 530 x 630 mm


Band saws for sawing pipes, profiles and solid materials with maximum efficiency.

The KASTOtec M gas been specially developed for economical, high-speed sawing of all of the most popular aluminium materials .

  • Specially developed band guides support the tool and create short chips
  • Finely balanced wheels
  • Central lubricating system for wheel bearings and roller bearings
  • Finely balanced drive elements make fast cutting speeds possible
  • Easy on tools and quiet-running
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Technical data
Cutting range
Cutting range
530 x 630 mm / 530 x 530 mm / 530 mm
Cutting range bundle H x W (option)
530 x 630 mm
Clamping range
0 - 630 mm
Smallest dimension to be cut
10 x 10 mm
Shortest length of residual piece, single cut
10 mm
Shortest remnant length in automatic operation, possible (only if the material has a perfect geometric surface)
35 mm
Shortest cut-off length
6 mm
Mass and height
2.225 mm
Width with chip conveyor approx.
5.215 mm
Height (saw frame in lowest position) approx.
2.415 mm
Height (saw frame in highest position) approx.
2.680 mm
Total weight
5.500 kg
Material support hight
700 mm
Performance characteristics
15 kW
Power at running wheel
14 kW
Cutting speed
150 - 1.500 m/min
Material feed length - individual feed
600 mm
Multiple feed
9.999 mm
Clamping force of machine vice
2.000 - 10.000 N
Clamping force of feed vice
2.000 - 20.000 N
Saw blade dimensions
7.675 x 34 x 1.1 mm
Saw feed speed approx.
20 – 1000 mm/min
We reserve the right to make technical changes.

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