KASTOmicut A 2.6

KASTOmicut A 2.6

Fully hydraulic high-performance automatic band sawing machine of solid construction designed for the rough use in workshops and capable to perform any cutting-to-length or mitre cutting tasks in the case of tubes, sections and solid material. In addition to straight cuts, mitres can be cut flexibly and quickly by adjusting the saw head easily to the left by 45° and to the right by 60°. The mitre angle is adjusted quickly via an easy to read scale. Straight and mitre cuts up to +45° to the right are carried out in automatic operation (option), cuts from -45° to the left and up to +60° to the right are carried out in semi-automatic operation. The infinitely adjustable cutting speed and the fully hydraulic, infinitely adjustable cutting feed allow a sensitive and blade-saving cutting.


The standard SmartControl offers the optimum operation of the machine. Easy and clearly arranged job entry via job wizard. After making the desired number of cuts, the machine shuts off automatically. By reducing set-up times to a minimum, maximum cutting performances are achieved in automatic mode. The precise drive via ball bearing spindle in material feed guarantees an accurate material length positioning.

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Technical data
KASTOmicut A 2.6
Cutting range
Cutting range 90°
160 mm / 160 mm x 160 mm / 260 mm / 310 mm x 260 mm / 260 mm x 260 mm
Cutting range +45°
230 mm / 200 mm x 260 mm / 200 mm x 200 mm
Cutting range +60°
150 mm / 140 x 160 mm / 140 mm x 140 mm
Cutting range -45°
230 mm / 200 mm x 260 mm / 200 mm x 200 mm
Mass and height
Length x Width x Height
760 mm x 1.620 mm x 1.690 mm
Material support height
950 mm
490 kg
Performance characteristics
Total power
2.0 kW
Drive power
1,5 kW
Cutting speed
20 - 110 m/min
Dimensions of saw blade
3.180 mm x 27 mm x 0,9 mm
We reserve the right to make technical changes.