KASTOmaxcut AM 8x22

KASTOmaxcut AM 8x22

Automatic high-performance bandsawing machine in gantry design for large material dimensions, slabs, ingot moulds, forged shafts, open-die forgings, marine crank shafts, shafts for turbines, large tools of all qualities and of material which is difficult to cut (e.g. titanium, Hasteloy, Inconel).

  • The extremely robust design and the high rigidity of this large bandsaw guarantee good vibration absorption and herewith short cutting times.
  • horizontal clamping devices, travelling hydraulically or by means of spindles
  • Fully automatic adjustment of saw frame, according to the material’s height via light scanner
  • hydraulically pre-tensioned carbide slideways guiding of saw blade
  • hydraulic and electronic monitoring of saw blade tensioning
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Technical data
KASTOmaxcut AM 8x22
Cutting range
Cutting range flat (H x W)
850 - 2.200 mm
Clamping range (horizontal)
1.200 - 2.200 mm
plate thickness (section)
6 - 200 mm
Minimal end-, rest plate thickness
15 mm
Mass and height
on request
Performance characteristics
Saw motor, Power
75 kW
We reserve the right to make technical changes.

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