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KASTOhbs 2

Type: Hack saw
Grade of automation: Semi automatic
Cutting range: up to 280 x 200 mm

KASTOhbs 2

The KASTO power hacksaw is the right choice when metal is only cut occasionally. The saw is very universal in use and especially space saving due to the small dimensions.

  • Coolant system
  • Fully hydraulic feed control
  • Pendulum vice
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Technical data
KASTOhbs 2
Cutting range
Cutting range 90°
280x200 mm / 230x230 mm / 250 mm
Cutting range + 45°
170x200 mm / 155x235 mm / 170x170 mm / 180 mm
Mass and height
1.385 mm
505 mm
Height, saw head in lowered position
960 mm
Height, saw head in highest position
1.220 mm
Total weight
180 kg
Material support hight
500 mm
Material support height with rotating foundation frame (accessories)
555 mm
Performance characteristics
Connected load
1,3 kW
Saw motor, Power
1,0 kW
Average cutting speed
16/32 m/min
Stroke speed
62/125 m/min
Dimensions of saw blade
450x40x2,0 mm
We reserve the right to make technical changes.

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