The high performance semi-automatic circular saw KASTOflex U is designed for machine shops and factories alike to cut profiles, tubes and solids.

  • Quick work piece clamping via push-button with hydraulic long-/ short stroke vertical clamping vice.
  • No saw blade change, no set-up times necessary in mixed profile/solid operation.
  • Hydraulic, infinitely variable constant saw feed
  • More flexibility with highest efficiency when doing serial cuts
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Technical data
Cutting range
Cutting range 90°
350x25 mm / 140 x 140 mm / Ø 150 mm
Cutting range + 45°
280x30 mm / 120 x 120 mm / Ø 145 mm
Cutting range + 60°
170x50 mm / 110 x 110 mm / Ø 140 mm
Minimum material height with flat material
10 mm
Mass and height
1.795 mm
1.400 mm
1.900 mm
Total weight
1.350 kg
Material support hight
1.050 mm
Performance characteristics
Connected load
6/8 kW
Pole changing saw drive
1,4/2,2 kW
Frequency regulated drive (option)
4,0 kW
Connected load of coolant pump
0,1 kW
Pole changing cutting speed
12/24 m/min
Cutting speed, infinitely variable (option)
10-60 m/min
Max. clamping power of vertical vice
23.000 N
Saw feed speed range
10-520 mm/min
Rapid return of the saw blade
2.000 mm/min
Diameter of saw blade, special flange: option
Ø350 mm
Diameter of saw blade
Ø400,450 mm
We reserve the right to make technical changes.