KASTOecostore bar stock

KASTOecostore bar stock

Storage room economically used.
This standardized storage system is suited for all applications where a high variety of materials like bar stock need to be stored. A high storage density on smallest area is achieved by height-optimized compartment division. This leads to more order, cleanliness and safety.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Economic automatic storage system for long material in single-sided and double-sided version
  • Plug-in modular pallet supports
  • Loading and unloading always at an ideal height
  • Easy operating by means of selection of storage place and approval key at dead man’s operation
  • Saving of time due to direct access without additional lifting devices
  • Small space requirements by consequent height utilization
  • Machine-oriented installation is possible
  • Low expenditure for installation
  • Three different loading heights are selectable
  • Gap control as pallet seat control while the operating gantry crane is moving
  • Construction complying with earthquake standards
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Technical data
KASTOecostore bar stock
Dimensions of storage area large format (W x H)
840 x 6.500
Load per palett
1,2 t/ 3,0 t
Loading height cassette
105/ 145/ 215/ 255/ 355/ 455/ 800 mm
Loading height palette
200/ 350/ 550/ 800/ 1.000
System height
3.080 - 8.000 mm
ca. 7.690 mm
ca. 2.600 mm
We reserve the right to make technical changes.

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