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KASTO Sheet metal manipulator

KASTO Sheet metal manipulator

Sheet metal manipulator for order commissioning 

The sheet metal manipulator is used for commissioning different sheet metal formats (small, medium, large) via vacuum technology. The pallets can be fed from a UNILINE, UNITOWER or UNICOMPACT to the manipulator via a station.

The system selects the correct suction cup from three types. The target station is always loaded centrically (pyramid formation). 

The following accessories are possible:

- Automatic wooden pallet handling
- Automatic carton handling
- Automatic blowing out of sheet metal separating paper
- Suction and shredding of the blown-out papers (additional purchase)

Sheet metal manipulator for machine connection

The sheet metal manipulator is used to feed the sheets to the processing machine (punching, lasering). 

For this purpose, the sheet metal (small, medium, large and maxi) is transported via a station to the sheet metal manipulator. From this supply station, the sheet is transported to the processing machine (punching, lasering) by means of a suction cup. After processing, the skeleton is transported via the rake to the target station and deposited.

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