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KASTOsort tower

KASTOsort tower

KASTOsort tower - the maximum production in the smallest space

The KASTOsort tower automates the sawing and storage process with a space-saving system for processing, including sorting that works 24/7.

The new KASTOsort tower offers a fully automated solution for metal processing companies. It can be used as a highly productive complete solution or to supplement a KASTOvariospeed or KASTOtec with or without a KASTOsort robot. For an efficient process, the parts must be sorted by order after sawing and handling and placed in appropriate boxes. Previously, a container carousel on which the robot could place and fill the respective boxes independently was one of the solutions provided. This is a simple and cost-effective way of buffering manageable quantities of material.

Benefits at a glance:

  • 24/7 unstaffed operation thanks to standalone complete solution
  • High storage density in minimal space
  • Flexible and time-independent collection of pallets
  • ProControl ensures fast, error-free workflows
  • Seamless tracking thanks to storage management via the KASTOlogic mobile app
  • Connection to customer-specific AGVs possible
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