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KASTOrail is an intelligent material distribution system which provides picking bundles efficiently and ergonomically for shipping. At the same time, individual materials, such as carriers, can be transported between the different processing steps.

The system works with a combination of manipulator and material polder chain conveyors. The material can be transported lengthwise or crosswise in a predefined process-safe manner. For the best space utilization possible, KASTOrail moves on elevated rails.

KASTOrail enables a fully automated connection of storage, production processes (such as blasting and preservation) and picking up to shipping. It serves as a hands-off system for transport as well as a shipping buffer.

The major advantage is that the loading of the trucks for an entire tour can be processed at one single location. This simplifies your shipping process and minimizes time-consuming trips and stops. Faster, easier, safer - the more from KASTO.

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