Computer controlled, the UNITOP allows a perfect overview of the inventory at any time and is able to deliver the requested bar stock every 120 seconds – depending on system height – to the unloading station. Individually tailored in/out stations ensure the adaptation to the company-specific material flow. With the (optional) integration of an automatic bar separator and a connection to a KASTO CNC-saw, a flexible, profitable manufacturing system is created. The UNITOP Bar Storage System is a highly efficient and extremely reliable, fully automated system requiring a minimum of personnel.

  • Heights from 4 to 25 m (13‘ to 82‘)
  • Inventory volume up to 8.000 t (17,600,000 lbs.)
  • Loads up to 5 t (11,000 lbs.) per cassette
  • Cassette lengths from 3 to 12 m (9.8‘ to 39.4‘)
  • Rack supported building design possible
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