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Storage Type: Stacking cradle system
Type of storage system: Bar Storage


For the conventional restacking operation with UNIBLOC, only two-hoist, possibly swayfree cranes are needed. The best suited material lengths for the Stacking Cradle System UNIBLOC are between 3 and 24 m (9.8‘ and 78.7‘). Up to three layers of stacking cradles with a usable height of 400 mm (15.7“) each can be transported together via the mechanical gripper function. Only the crane‘s up/down movement is required to lock/unlock the spreader beam with the cradles.

  • Efficient work processes due to multiple lifts
  • Enormous time savings due to transport of up to three layers simultaneously
  • Accurate transport sequences due to automatic restacking
  • Small fl oor space requirements due to vertical space utilization
  • More profi tability due to faster and easier access
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