It‘s an open secret that the economic use of automatic sawing machines consists of two things: High metal-cutting performance on the one hand and low non-productive times on the other. The KASTOtec
AC was developed for the optimal use of the bi-metal, bi-metal plus, carbide and carbide plus tool technologies offered on the market. In this way, optimal productivity is achieved with a higher cutting performance and a more economic use of carbide bands. The control system used in the machine enables the automatic assignment and lasting storage of the cutting technology adapted to the respective material
qualities and the saw band used (bi-metal or carbide). This doesn‘t just lower tool costs, it is also results in significantly shorter cutting times - depending on the saw band, savings of 50 per cent and more are
possible. The simple operation and the well-designed material handling reduce downtimes and thus create the best conditions for optimum economic efficiency.

  • The machine offers all well-known features of the KPC package (KASTO performance cutting)
  • Saw blade guide using hydraulically preloaded carbide sliding guides
  • Electronic monitoring of the hydraulic saw band tension
  • Continuously adjustable cutting speed, centrally adjustable
  • Optimal saw band service life thanks to the patented belt-free stroke when lifting the saw frame
  • 0 - degree start point for fully automatic positioning of the first cut
  • Controlled saw feed movement using two ball screw spindles
  • Optimal cleaning of the saw band by electric, motor-driven, self-adjusting chip-removal brushes
  • Fast movement from servo drives and ball screw spindles for material feed and linear-guided saw frame
  • Band guide arm automatically adjusts to the width of the material
  • The saw machine control system ProControl is easy to operate and takes care of the crucial settings
  • Easy input of sawing orders with section lengths, quantities and material selection
  • Effective use of material up to a 35 mm short offcut
  • New layout: Drive unit and sensors are separated from the actual work area - ensuring reliable and trouble-free operation
  • Material clamping jacks with free-lift device ensure reliable automatic operation
  • High cutting performance with impressive repeat accuracy
  • Good accessibility despite compliance with current safety standards
  • 50 % savings on wear and tear costs compared with predecessor machines
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Technical data
Cutting range
Cutting range
530 mm / 530 x 630 mm / 530 x 630 mm
Clamping range
0 - 630 mm
Smallest dimension to be cut
10 x 10 mm
Shortest length of residual piece, single cut
10 mm
Shortest remnant length
35 mm
Shortest cut-off length
6 mm
Mass and Height
2.235 mm
Width with chip conveyor approx.
5.335 mm
Height approx.
2.820 mm
Total weight
6.550 kg
Material support hight
700 mm
Performance characteristics
Connected load
25 kW
Power of saw motor
15 kW
Power at running wheel
14 kW
Cutting speed infinitely variable (50-60 hz version)
30 - 300 m/min
Material feed length - individual feed
600 mm
Multiple feed
9.999 mm
Saw blade dimensions
7.675 x 54 x 1,6 mm
We reserve the right to make technical changes.