Postponement of the event 175 years of KASTO.

We decided with a heavy heart to postpone the event for an indefinite period of time. However, we hope that we will be able to celebrate the anniversary this year.

Unfortunately, the current situation leaves us no other choice. It is impossible to predict how the situation in Europe will develop regarding the novel corona virus, and we do not want to expose our employees, sales partners or customers to avoidable risks.

Of course, we hope that the situation will calm down, but at the moment we are forced to postpone the event. The anniversary will take place, but not in May 2020.

We will inform you about the new date as soon as possible.


Our history. 175 years KASTO.


Foundation of the company in Achern as a carpentry shop


Founder Karl Stolzer

Around 1900

KASTO produces saw frames for wood, flour and oil mills, waterwheels and looms


Development of the first hacksaw and patent of the pushing-arching-cutting motion originated by KASTO


Site relocation from Achern to Gamshurst


Start of circular saw production under the name of „KEURO“


Development of the first fully automatic storage system for long materials


KASTO enters into band saw production


Presentation of the CNC sawing centre

1991 and 2001

Opening of the branch plant in Schalkau (Thuringia) and completion of the new production hall


Production of the first KASTOtec which becomes the benchmark of the industry


KASTOspeed wins the reddot design Award


Expansion of the headquarters in Achern by a modern administration building and further production areas


Takeover by the Family Stolzer


Anniversary: 170 years of KASTO and introduction of the KASTOwin series

2015 - 2018

Internationalization: Opening of own sales and service offices in Switzerland, Singapore, China and a showroom in Chicago, USA

2019 - 2020

KASTO begins its anniversary year and celebrates its 175th anniversary in 2020


KASTO is looking for the oldest saw in a contest.

KASTO starts a contest for its customers as part of its anniversary year: We are looking for the oldest saw from our company, which is still in operation. Machines built in 1980 or older are eligible for the contest. Companies are invited to submit them by e-mail with a photo of the saw and the nameplate to . Each submission will be rewarded, the winner will be specially mentioned and awarded.

From a one-man company to a global player

From Achern throughout the entire world: In its 175-year history, KASTO has developed into an internationally successful company. Around the globe, a close-knit network of branches and agencies ensures that the sawing and storage technology specialist company is always close to the markets and its customers and can offer fast and individual service.



Success runs in the family


KASTO has been around for 175 years – making the sawing and storage technology specialist one of the oldest family-owned businesses in the whole of Europe. The company’s history is closely bound up with that of its founders, the Stolzer family, which is still responsible today for ensuring that KASTO remains faithful to its traditions while keeping its eyes fixed firmly on the future.



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