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High quality metal saws, bar storage systems or sheet metal storage are the one and only in our product range.

But the products are only one part of the performance strength. Extremely important - the reliable complete service with comprehensive and individual attention.

The center of our thoughts and activities is the availability of your KASTO products.”

Josef Schneider

Service manager


Service Center - Experience our customer-oriented service.

Service Center

Technical support:

  • Skilled technicians with long-term experience in field service
  • 80 % of disturbances can be fixed by phone with the customer's help

KASTO Teleservice

  • Less costs for service deployments
  • Higher availability


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Maintenance UVV checks:

  • Reduction of unplanned downtimes.
  • Process reliability by means of checkedd machine quality.

Factory repairs:

  • Repair of your machine at KASTO
  • Modernization of your used machine


  • Shortest retrofitting times and immediate high availability


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Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction



261Contracts extended support

243Teleservice contract

1.930Maintenance contract

76.000Spare parts shipped


170years of tradition

700employes worldwide



Why do our sawing machines turn out to be profitable?

  • 1

    Experience and Tradition

    One requirement to create efficient solutions is understanding of our customers’ special demands, which requires three important prerequisites: Experience. Experience. And Experience. The loyalty for the original location in Germany is also an acknowledgement of long-standing high quality without compromise. The most important objective is to secure and shape the future of KASTO. To achieve this, his vision is a mixture of experience and new ideas.
  • 2

    Customer success-driven and Reliable

    Markets change companies, companies change markets. Our objective: To give our customers and suppliers the security of a reliable partner at their side. Focus on products and services that secure a competitive advantage for the customer. Cooperative, with a team who acts in the best interest of the customer and reliably develops sustainable solutions. Reliable, continuity in the long run and safety in every situation. Only the outstanding one can achieve success –and bring success to the customer.
  • 3

    “Outside the Box” Thinkers

    Thinking, thinking ahead, taking it one step further: KASTO has room for thinkers. Not every idea becomes an innovation. But each individual idea is evidence of the creativity and personal freedom the employees have to test and experiment with their new ideas. Many new developments, improvements and patents are testimony that employees can rely on the company’s support. KASTO encourages creating something new. To find great ideas, new ways must sometimes be explored. Trying something new and linking different ideas. That’s how KASTO innovations develop, innovations, which bring real results for the customer.
  • 4

    Zukunft und Investition

    Short-term, medium-term or long-term? Three-way thinking and investing, to be there for our customers tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Investment in logistics. Faster is better. Consequently, the logistics center in Achern excels because of streamlined handling and efficient processes. This means that spare parts are shipped even faster – and they are reliably available for many years. For KASTO, our future means securing our customers’ futures. Subsequently, short-term success has never been a company objective. Instead, KASTO always plans to be successful in the long run and to keep all services on a sustainable high level.
  • 5

    Responsibility and Reliability

    Complex technical systems only work when there is perfect harmony among individual components. KASTO accepts the responsibility that these components fit together in detail. Even if technical development advances with each new machine generation. One reason is heavy-duty construction, in addition to a comprehensive service program. No matter whether well maintained or expertly repaired – KASTO machines demonstrate high productivity and long All service activities and actions are coordinated in one place. This saves time for the customer and avoids production down time. And, of course, it is important for us to offer a complete service package, tailor-made to exactly what the individual customer wants. It is also important that the service package be flexible – changed or added to at any time.
  • 6

    Ideas and Incentives

    It all starts with an idea: How are processes improved? Which of those improvements really help companies to work more efficiently? How can KASTO improve the profitability of their customers? Saving space, optimum utilization of storage area. Space is expensive, especially when it is not optimally used. Therefore, KASTO offers high storage density combined with quick access times. This means: More capacity – less floor space for materials that are long, flat and bulky, in all weights and with emphasis on heavy loads. Competence. Intelligent combination of processes. Complex sequences, unique requirements – the KASTO specialists efficiently combine cutting, storing, processing and sorting It is only natural for a successful company to work in the present and look to the future. Our motivation for providing long-term, outstanding performance is based on the success and positive feedback from our customers There are many reasons to decide in favor of KASTO. The KASTO trademark represents durable high-tech products with great precision and excellent quality, in addition to great commitment to each customer and individual customer solutions.